Svend E. Kristensen

Career: Puppeteer, puppetdeveloper, arctor/performer, Sounddesigner and Artistic Director Sew Flunk Fury Wit, teaches in my style of puppetry and performance.

Education:Taught through international performance troupe Von Heiduck 92-00, Various schools and courses in dance, performance, acting, voicetraining/singing. Studied Noh and puppetry in Japan. Mediascience University of Aarhus.
Specialities:Puppet developer working with hypernaturalism and silicones, carbon fiber and various modern foam forms and plast. Humansize puppets. Musicdramatics, developing highly professional sounddesigns etc...

WORKS  - selected
“Revenge of the crystal” solo works with life-sized puppet (Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France) 2001-2005
“Feraliae Nuptia” solo with special developed life-sized puppet Tokyo 2006
“The Funeral Wedding” duo Bådteatret Copenhagen 2006.
“Faust” with organist Hanne Kuhlmann (dome of Copenhagen) various churches and dooms 2009-2016.
“Corpus Christin” solo with special developed plife-sized puppet in carbon fiber Tokyo Japan and Denmark.
“Feinschmecker” 3 life-sized hypernnaturaklistic female puppets and 3 men 2014-15 Denmark
“STØV” awardwinning oparetic puppet dystopia (japan, Sweden, Norway and Denmark including the Royal Theater Copenhagen) 2016-2018
“3 small pieces” with life-sized puppets Puppet and its Double recidency Lize Taiwan 2016
Coming up CRASH – a slowmotion carcrash musicdramatic performance with objects, a full size car, live musicians and masks. Premiere march 2018 Edison Copenhagen.

Nominated Sounddesign for world blockbuster BLAM Krisjan Ingimarrson Company 2011-2017 Art Exhibiiton of senses for kids with sculpture, puppets and sounddesign “The dragon, you wont see all of it” Modern museum  Brandts Odense and exhibition hall for modern art Copenhagen 2005-2006.
Actor, performer in plays and performances by Rolf Heim Bådteatret, Republique Copenhagen, awarded performances with Livingstones Kabinet Bable Bable, KLIP, The history of Job, Random Edinburgh Fringe, South Bank Center London, several DK tours, Liminal.dk Adelaide Bentzon Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense, Daniel Nordbacks Nordpol Copenhagen and Aarhus, Cathrine Poher “På den anden side” The Royal Theater Copenhagen, Neander Kristjan Ingimarrsons Creature, Fools of the World Unites (including Sounddesign), Germany, Sweden, Denmark tours, Performance Troupe Von Heiduck sounddesigns and perofrmances in e.g. Peepshow 3-4, The Metalswine, Angest, Salome Berlin, Dortmund, Liege, Antwerp, Oslo, Malmø, Frankfurt “Salome” awarded Mouson turm award best performance Germany 1998-99, Madrid and Denmark. 
Svend E Kristensen, Høsterkøbvej 44, 2970 Hørsholm, Danmark

tel + 45 41564727, Email administration@fein-schmecker.dk
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Bjarne Sandborg

Director, puppeteer, artistic director

Specialities: Puppeteering skills, directing for puppet and animation theatre, coaching creative processes and developing performance material. 
Works: www.refleksion.dk  tel+04521499910, bjarne@refleksion.dk, www.refleksion.dk