Gothenburg The center for Puppetry & Animated Theatre has been at Frölunda Kulturhus in Gothenburg for 31 years. Our main aim is to spread a knowledge of puppetry and other styles of animated traditions in the world, both as historically and traditionally expressed and also in modern forms. We also want to demonstrate the breadth of expression that can be conveyed by animated theatre. FIGUR is therefore currently in the middle of a process of general renewal, involving also the inclusion of animated film.  Culture Producer Head of FIGUR - Center for puppetry and animated theatre torbjorn.alstrom(at)afh.goteborg.se

 Dockteater Månstjärnan

Margareta Selander: Puppeteer, puppet maker and producer
Lars-Göran Selander: Puppeteer

30 years of puppet theatre, 25 productions you can find in the books Veras krypin och nitton andra dockteaterpjäser and Maskarnas musik och fyra andra dockteaterpjäser.

Tel: +46-70-2495798, email: info@manstjarnan.se, www.manstjarnan.se