Ilona Buraka

Architect (master), teacher (master), 2-year course for theatre  producers

I am engaged in puppet design and make my own short performances for children without words.. After performances we have workshop and make puppets together. I am an artist of to performances of the Latvia Puppet Theater and have had own  children´s puppet theater in Riga (Latvia) in 7 years.
Specialities: Puppet design, paper sculpture, puppetry

Tel +47 400 47922, ilona.buraka(at)gmail.com   www.modustheatre.lv

Melanie Dahl

Studied classic theatre at Acte Neuf/Paris and performance theatre at Nordic Black Express/Oslo. Also studied puppet theatre for one year at University of Oslo. Have studied clowning to become a hospital clown and clown in lderly house.

I am an actress who uses theatre as a tool for communication with people. I work as a hospital clown and as a clown in elderly house.
Specialities: Puppet, clowning, shadow, acting, teaching. I work 3 x/week as a hospital clown. the rest of the week I teach theatre in either norwegian or french children aged 6-10 years. I have different puppet theatre productions. Three of them are solo puppet theatre for children with not much accessories. Easy to travel with. I perform in norwegian, english and french.

Tel: + 47 944 22218, tralalaproduksjoner(at)gmail.com   www.melaniedahl.com

 Svein Gundersen
Professor of Drama and Theater

Theatre director, member of the Writers Guild of Norway (NDF), running his own Company: Kulturproduksoner, www.kulturprod.no.
Through many years SG has directed classic dramas, comedien and farces, musicals, theatre for children and youth, puppet theatre, big open air performances, poetry performances, street performances. Well known are his visual outdoor shows during the Olympic Winter Games in 1994: Laterna Magica, that were performed outdoor, in a scenographic world of ice and snow -and performances made for the troups Klomadu teater and his own company Kulturproduksjoner, where he mainly has created puppet theatre.
He has also been an actor himself, done scenografic work for theatre nd written texts for theatre. He has collaborated with a number of theatres and ensembles, such as Hedmark teater, Haugesund teater, Teatr Groteska in Krakow, Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Department of Puppetry, Theater der Nacht, Germany.
Specialities: direction, scenography


"Death of the Puppeteers", Project HraMoKa, Slovakia 2017 (playwright, director)

"Julerosene i vinterskogen", Kulturproduksjoner, 2015 (director)

“Kristin Lavransdatter at Jørundgard” – Kristinspillet 2010-15 (playwright, director)

“Sigurd, killing the Dragon”Teatr Groteska/Kulturprod 2011 (playwright, director)

“The Play at Skansen” – Skansespillet 2009 (playwright, director)

“The Black Death” – Maridalsspillene 2008-04 (director)

“Henrik and Vesle-Brunen” – Kulturproduksjoner 2008 (director, scenographer)

“Nils Holgersson” – Abrakadabrateatret 2007 (director)

“The Swans over Ireland” – Kulturproduksjoner 2007 (director, scenographer)

“Slowly everything comes to live”- Norwegian People’s Aid 2006 (actor)

SCENOGRAPHER AND ACTOR: SG also work as a scenographer and actor.

OTHER WORKS: SG has been Vice chairman of New Music, Hedmark (the Norwegian section of the ISCM: International Society for Contemporary Music), member of the boarder of Black Box Theatre, Oslo and Hedmark teater, member of the boarder of the Municipalitys government of Stange. Currently deputy at Organisation IRHCultural house - Fredheim.

For 10 years he was the Chairman of UNIMA-Norway. He then initiated and run the festival “Fri Figur” – biennale for Norwegian puppetry. He has been member of several og´f UnIMA International's International commmissions.

TEACHING: Svein Gundersen has taught students at both bachelor and master level at Oslo and Akershus University College for applied studies.

He initiated, and was from 2009-2016 the leader of a study for Puppetry (30 ECTS credits).

His subjects are among others theatre history, scenography, directing, puppetry.

Parallel with his work at the University College and his artistic work, SG has during the years been teaching children and youth, and different groups of grown-ups, like choirs and orchestras.

PROPOSALS WORKSHOPS (a selection): can among others teach "from idea to play", dramaturgy, directing, storytelling, puppetry, including object theatre and shadow theatre. May also have workshops with puppet- and mask making. Interested in working as a director.

Tel: +47 952386824, mail: svein.gundersen(at)hioa.no, www.kulturprod.no

Jaap den Hertog

Career: Fusentast 1989-now (Trondheim)
Petrusjka Teater 1983-1985
Education: Autodidact, Tatjana Zaitzow, Ole Bruun-Rasmussen
Specialities: Puppeteer, actor, puppet maker, show design, General Practioner of medicin. 
Works: Treet mellom hav og land (The tree of land or sea), 1989. Peer Gynt (after Ibsen, by Gösta Kjellin), 1992 Menopas magiske togshow, 1994, Katitzi, 1998, Panopticum performances (peep shows): 1000 år i boks ,1997 Nora*The*Moving*Picture*Show*, 1997, Titranic, 2000, Koseputa I Paris, 2006, Sand Mellom Tærne, 2002 (Birgit Strøm Honorary Award, Norwegian UNIMA 2007), Den Store Finalen, 2010.
Tel + 47-98070466, email: fusentast@fusentast.no, http://fusentast.no
 Thomas Hildebrand
Theatre line Hallingdal folkhighschool 83/84. Autodidact.

Puppeteer for the NRK Super, the norwegian state broadcasting company`s children channel. My biggest success is the character Zook, originally from Kometkameratene, later Kash og Zook and the last years he is regurarly appearing as a sidekick for the hosts at NRK Super. The latest character is Brillebjørn, produced by SPARK for NRK Super.
I am also a freenlance actor, musician/composer and singer. I have my own production company Hildebrand Produksjoner.
Specialities: Puppeteering for camera, television work, stage work. I´m skilled in many techiques, except string puppets. Very good singer in many styles.
Takk skal du ha TV2 1996, ;Da ingen hadde noe å gjøre Kabinettet/FIN 1998, ;Reisen til Ugri La Brek Balteatret/FIN 2002, En hemmelig Hage 2005 & Veras Vinduer 2008 Fabula Rasa/FIN, Barnas Superjul; Gaute Superkatt NRK Super 2007, Kometkameratene ZOOK NRK Super 2008-2010,KASH og ZOOK NRK Super 2012-2014,ZOOK i barneTV 2014-, ;Rami og Yuli Animalske Produksjoner /Propellen 2015, ARME LAND/Krigen er et annet sted; Hildebrand Produksjoner 2015 regi Marius Kolbenstvedt, ZOOK og KORK Kammer Konsertserie 2016-, Brillebjørn Spark for NRK Super 2016

Tel + 47 41201601, mail: thildeb(at)frisurf.no, www.thildeb.wixsite.com/hildebrand

 Hilde Veronika Høie

Linjen för Scenkonst (Physical Acting and Collaborative Theatre 2012-2014),
NSFS teacher (certified 2014, mentor Peppe Östesson),BA in musicology (Copenhagen University 2012), The European Film College (2004) Homecountry Norway, living in Sweden, works both Sweden and Norway and international.

Actor and singer, educated as physical actor at Scenkonst, Sweden and from the University of Copenhagen. Also sertified stagefight trainer by NSFS and Honorary Fight Director of Fight Directors Canada.
Specialities: current interests: exploring creativity, expression, conection, movement, voice, puppetry.

Hilde worked in the Danish movie industry 2005-2012, doing basically every function you can think of behind the camera. Among other things she edited a feature movie starring Kim Bodnia.She worked as an actress in multiple plays in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the latest, her solo show Heatrquakes premiered in Sweden January 2017, while “Love me tender, love me true”,premiered in November 2015. She worked as a classical singer in Denmark, Sweden and Norway (solo, ensemble and choir), as a singer-songwriter, and in the barbershop group Barbarellas. She wrote, directed, choreographed and cast the Zorro show at High Chaparral 2015, and has choreographed numerous fights for stage in Norway, Sweden and Poland. She is the former chairperson of the NSFS, was awarded the Bear Scholarship by the IOSP in 2015, and became Honorary Fight Director by Fight Directors Canada in 2016.She has been the tutor for several international theater-workshops, latest Expression, connection and movement in Puppetry at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Department of Puppetry, and done workshops in stagefight for actors in Gothenburg and Copehagen.Currently she is teaching theater at Linjen för Scenkonst in Linköping, Sweden, and works as a freelance actor and workshop-leader. She also teaches private students in voice work and in stage combat, is a guest teacher at Oslo and Akershus University College, choreographs the combats for Kristinspillet , and is an outside eye for the performances “En skam för insta” and “Århundradets kärlekssaga”, that both will have their first nights in 2017.

Tel 046 707184344 mail: hildeveronika@gmail.com,  website link:

 Karen Høie

Associate professor of drama and theater

Actor/puppeteer, storyteller, member of the Norwegian Actors´Equity Association Playwright, member of the Writers´Guild of Norway.
Specialities: Puppeteer -glove puppet, rod puppet, klapmaul, marotte, objects (-not marionette), actor, storyteller, folk singer, playwright. Adm. director playwright for company Kulturproduksjoner.

Through many years KH has acted in puppet theater, classic dramas, comedies and farces, theatre for children and youth, big open air performances, poetry performances, street performances, and as a storyteller and folksinger. She has worked as an actor at different stages around Norway, in projects and companies that have got support from national, regional and local grants. Her last work is among others A mother´s Sonata (actor), When the animals talk (storyteller), Die Nacht der Puppen (actor/puppeteer), Walking with Ibsen (maskplayer/actress), “Henrik and Vesle-Brunen” (puppeteer/storyteller), “The story of Åsmund Frægdagjeva” (storyteller), “Nightopen” (poetry interpretation), The black death  (actress), “The church builder” (actress), “The fiery song” (actress/singer) - all performed in the periode 2009-17.

She has been norwegian delegate on several of UNIMA International congresses, and is currently member of the Communication and Public relations commission in Unima International.

Tel +47 41560818, mail: karenhoie(at)gmail.com, website link 

 Sean Morrissey

Education: Sheet Metals City and Guilds (UK)

Puppet and figure designer, sheet metal worker
Specialities: Puppet and figure design, metal constructions.
Works: Severela figures and puppets for tv production in co-operation

Tel: +4790688161, mail: seanieman0657(at)gmail.com, www.puppets.no

 Tiina Suhonen

Lahti Art Institute Finland, Statens Kunstakademi Norway, Lahti Polytechnic -Photography, Finland.
Puppet/figure builder and designer, props builder, artist
Specialities: TV-puppets, good material skills, casting in different materials, long experience from tv, production companies and theatre.
Works: Several hand-string-figures and props for tv and production companies. Fantasy/bronze -age costumes for theatre groups.

Tel: + 47-40226897, mail: tiina.suhonen.10(at)gmail.com, www.puppets.no